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How to maintain your mental health during the lockdown

Written by: Christopher Chow, Trainee Pharmacist – Lowdham Pharmacy…

During the current outbreak of coronavirus, many of us are staying at home to avoid spreading
or contacting the virus. While it is the safest way to protect ourselves, some of us may find it
difficult to relax without any outdoor activity and our mood may also get affected by the news
about the pandemic. This month we will be focusing on how to take care of our mental
wellbeing, we hope you would find the following advice helpful.

1. Stay Away but Connected
Though it not possible to meet your families and friends now, you have other ways to connect
with them via the internet and phone. With technology becoming more convenient, video chat
is a good way to meet each other at home and this could also be done as a big group. Staying in
touch with beloved and friends could help you share your worries and eventually boost your

2. Exploring new interests
There are lots of leisure activities that can be available indoors, and this may be a chance to
explore your new interests. These may include reading, arts, yoga, watching TV shows, cooking
new dishes or any activity that you favor. To keep your body active, you could also build a habit
of exercising at home. Spending time on housework could be an option for exercises or there
are many online workouts that you could follow for home exercises.

3. Be careful with news and information
While it is important to stay up to date with current events, too many news stories or online
information can sometimes make us feel anxious. If any information happens to make you feel
worried, think about taking a break. For health information, make sure you are reading from
trustworthy sources, such as NHS England, to avoid being misled by false information.

4. Managing your anxiety
Whenever you are feeling anxious, breathing exercises or enjoying your leisure activities may
help you calm down. If you feel like you need help from others, NHS offer confidential talking
therapies and you can arrange this with your GP or online by visiting nhs.uk/counselling.
For more tips about staying at home and your mental wellbeing, you can also refer to

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