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Wearing contact lenses all day long can often result in natural protein or lipids building up on the lens, interrupting your vision or causing irritation to your eye. With ReNu Multi Plus Solution, you can ensure a complete clean of your lenses before use and freshness whilst wearing. How does ReNu Multi Plus Solution clean your lenses? ReNuMulti Plus Solution is designed to specifically target the natural build up of bacteria and remove them from the lens surface, leaving your contacts clean, clear and free of trouble causing deposits. Enjoy a through clean and complete visual clarity with ReNu Multi Plus Solution. Benefits of ReNu Multi Plus Solution Despite its thorough cleaning abilities, ReNu Multi Plus Solution is especially suitable for sensitive eyes and for those who often experience dry eye. The multi purpose solution creates a soft layer of moisture that surrounds the lens surface. This ultimately means that your contact lenses will feel much softer and smoother to wear over the course of the entire day. Enjoy comfort and clarity with ReNu Multi Plus Solution Created by trusted manufacturersBausch & Lomb, you can stock up on this quality multi purpose solution and save even more money when you opt for aof ReNu Multi Plus Solution Triple Pack.

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