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Forceval Capsules are a multivitamin and mineral supplement and contain a total combined 24 essential vitamins, minerals and trace elements. Our human body requires a wide range of vitamins, minerals and trace elements to perform essential daily tasks such as releasing energy from food and cell damage repair. Each capsule contains vitamins, minerals and trace elements which play a vital role in the daily maintenance of your body processes. Vitamin A (Carotene): is essential for growth, maintenance of skin and mucous membranes such as the linings of the mouth, nose, lungs, digestive system, colon and for vision, particularly at night. Vitamin D:2 helps the body absorb calcium, potassium and phosphorous, all of which are vital for healthy bones and teeth. Vitamin B1: (also known as Thiamin) is involved in the functioning of the heart muscles and for the release of energy from protein, fat and carbohydrate, needed for growth, normal appetite and digestion. Thiamin has also been shown to play a vital role in the normal functioning of the nervous system. Vitamin B2 : plays a key role in energy metabolism and is required for the metabolism of fats, carbohydrates, and proteins. Vitamin B6: helps protein metabolism, along with the maintenance of the nervous and immune system. Vitamins B12: is often called the red vitamin because it is required for regulating blood cells. Vitamin C: is an essential vitamin that plays an important role in maintaining the health of cells, blood vessels and resistance to infection, also helps bones, teeth, gums, skin and assists the absorption of iron from the blood. Vitamin E: is a highly effective antioxidant, helping to protect the body from the effect from free radicals.   Please note:  Use By Date is January 2018.  Please purchase accordingly.

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